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The Magic of Outsourcing

Outsourcing has become popular in the past years, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic or the recent need to reduce staff due to the recession. We too at Workspace Global have jumped into the bandwagon and continue to enjoy the benefits of outsourcing. If you are on the fence about outsourcing, here are a few reasons why you should go for it:

  1. Improved focus on core business activities- Outsourcing allows you to free up resources and talent from activities that you are not so good at and focus on your strengths. Workspace Global, as a Marketing agency, realized that our strengths were in project management, quality control, and assignment of creative briefs so we chose to outsource our creatives. We have been able to hone in on creating systems that ensure that the work is happening.

  2. Increased efficiency- Outsourcing allows you to choose the best in the business leading to an even better outcome than what your business would have produced. You will have access to an expert in the field that you outsourced. Through Outsourcing, Workspace Global has been able to create an arsenal of experts on all things branding. Even though we could do some of these tasks ourselves, it's easier to outsource to an expert and get top-tier work.

  3. Cost savings- If you don’t want to hire new employees for all the talent needs you have, you could choose to outsource which is cheaper. With outsourcing, our team went from a team of 28 to a team of 7 which allowed us to significantly reduce our wage bill. Outsourcing allows us to pay for a contractor only when we need to.

  4. Access to a larger Talent Pool- Outsourcing gives you a chance to work with a variety of people and could also bring new ideas and perspectives to your business. When Workspace Global outsources, we have access to multiple solutions and talent options that we wouldn’t have if we had hired someone long-term.

Outsourcing can feel like you are losing control of a certain task; consider viewing it as taking control of your weaknesses by giving them to a stronger party. As seen above, outsourcing is a great option for your company. Outsource today!


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