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Welcome to the Workspace Global PAYD application. The PAYD (Paid As You Deliver) initiative is our unique program to give remote skilled workers access to earn an income by fulfilling simplified creative requests from global creative directors, thus, removing the hassle of finding clients.

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By applying, you are agreeing to:


1. Payment 

Be paid monthly, ONLY based on pre-agreed points accumulated for creative briefs you have satisfactorily delivered during a working month.

Work is assigned based on your availability and your history of satisfactory work. You are ONLY paid for work you deliver. If you do not get assigned a brief or deliver on a brief assigned satisfactorily, you will not earn ANY points for the month.

2. Pre-agreed availability 

Being available to be assigned work for AT LEAST 18 hours a week (3 days) - You are at liberty to determine the days and hours you will be available for work. Your engagement contract with us will be for 3-months stints and can be renewed as many times as possible upon agreement by you and our creative directors.

3. Remote Working

You only need to have a working personal laptop and have access to decent internet connection.

4. Confidentiality 

Delivered work built under this contract cannot be shared by you to the general public. Assignments are strictly confidential and are not permitted to be disclosed outside Workspace Global.

If you are happy with these terms, you may proceed to apply.

First, start by filling the form under Submit Your Details (Section A). After that, proceed to fill the form under Submit Required Files (Section B). Inside this folder are creative tasks. Pick the creative task that matches the superpower you chose and work on executing it. The second task involves answering some questions about yourself and your superpower in an audio format. You have 24 hours to complete the 2 tasks and submit your links in Section B.

A. Submit Your Details

Available days per week (Select at least 3)

Thanks for submitting. We get hundreds of applications each month. We trust you’re the best of the best. Beyond your creative skills, we value speed and your ability to execute based on instructions from our creative directors.  You've been given a creative brief and an audio assignment to work on based on which superpower you choose. Execute and submit the links to your work within 24 hours in Section B.

B. Submit Required Files

Thanks for submitting so much. We will get back to you on the status of your application