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Your Dream Design Team On-demand.

We've made exceptional design support accessible to everyone.

We are your remote creative partner. We instantly connect you to vetted and supervised designers and developers in Africa.

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  Powering Brands.
Streamlining Workflow.
Creating jobs in Africa.

Founded in 2015, we began as a creative agency.

In 2021, we pivoted to create the world's simplest design service platform for brands worldwide.


Get your work
in three easy steps.


Sign on in seconds.

Choose your plan or one-time project and pay securely online. No complex quotes or proposals. Launch your projects in seconds.


Share your vision conveniently.

Upload your brand guidelines or choose your brand style preferences. Our conversational platform guides you through the process, ensuring clarity for your design team. 


Request designs & collaborate on your dashboard.

Request work in minutes, track progress, and communicate directly with your point of contact or your creative team.

All within our user-friendly online platform.

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Why switch to Workspace Global


Low Cost. High-Value.

Enjoy agency-quality work at budget-friendly rates with our transparent pricing and flexible pay-as-you-go model.


Focus on Your Core Business

Free up valuable time and resources by outsourcing design tasks to our skilled professionals.


Exceptional Quality

Benefit from a rigorous vetting process of our talent and unlimited revisions to ensure your complete satisfaction.


Streamlined Workflow

Eliminate the hassle of managing freelancers. Work with a dedicated project manager and a single point of contact for a seamless experience.



Easily adjust your design team up or down as your needs evolve, without the overhead costs of an in-house team.



We're committed to creating job opportunities for Africa's creative talent, and fostering economic growth and empowerment.

Meet the core team

We run a tight ship. Always lean, customer-obsessed
and using technology to scale our work.

Why talent from Africa

Workspace bridges the gap in the global outsourcing market.

For 9 years, we have focused on hiring and developing Africa's creative talent, a vast pool of innovative, dynamic, and tech-savvy individuals who are currently underrepresented in this industry. By tapping into Africa's burgeoning young workforce, we help shape the future of work while ensuring access to exceptional talent for your design needs.


Committed to your growth. Beyond design.

Our team has launched a few initiatives globally to complement our core business and create further change in the world. 

Consulting Sessions ➔

Grow with tailored business advisory sessions

Our team periodically hosts coaching sessions, whiteboard sessions, and virtual office hours to help businesses in our community troubleshoot growth, team, product, tech, and marketing problems. We understand that building a brand requires our clients to have healthy strong-standing businesses as well. 


OPENSPACE -Conversations for growth ➔

Join the next OPENSPACE in your city.

For the last five years, our team has convened over 3000 professionals and business leaders for open discussions in cities across the world including London, Lagos, Accra, and Nairobi. These sessions are aimed at mindset transformation and open dialogue to tackle some of society's most touchy topics. 

Workspace Brand Accelerator ➔

Sign up for the next Workspace
Brand Accelerator Program in your city

Workspace is launching an accelerator program for seed-stage startups to access intensive brand education, comprehensive audits, and ongoing brand asset support. Our goal is to accelerate the next 100 top startup brands globally. 

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Support Network ➔

Get credits and discounts for our partner coworking spaces, legal services, and other resources you need to grow your business

We understand that businesses require lots of support to succeed. We have curated beneficial partnerships with a list of vetted vendors and ecosystem players so our clients can leverage additional support all in one-place. 

Join our mission to
connect the world to Africa's
creative talent.

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