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Your On-Demand Design Dream Team

At Workspace Global, we're passionate about making exceptional design accessible to businesses of all sizes. We are a remote-first creative partner, connecting you with a talented pool of pre-vetted designers and developers across Africa.

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Unlocking Creativity.  Empowering Brands.
Creating jobs.

Founded in 2015, we began as a creative agency supporting high-growth brands. In 2021, we pivoted to create a simpler, more accessible design experience for brands worldwide that would employ thousands of talent in Africa. 


Our intuitive platform and service empower

startups and scale-ups to:

Why choose Workspace Global

Support goes far beyond designs. Becoming a customer with us gets your business so much more for holistic growth.

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Meet the core team

We run a tight ship. Always lean, customer-obsessed
and using technology to scale our abilities.

Take a peek under the hood

We run a robust assembly line to ensure projects are 
delivered on time... all the time.

Workspace Workflow

Why smart teams
switch to Workspace

A fraction of

Get agency quality work at budget rates.

Workspace Global offers a more flexible and cost-effective solution for businesses in need of creative services. Instead of requiring a retainer, we offer a pay-as-you-go model that allows you to only pay for the services you need.


This leads to significant cost savings for businesses, especially when you do not have a consistent need for creative work.

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No need to toggle
between freelancers.

A convenient one-stop shop.

By working with Workspace Global, businesses save time and streamline their creative process by only having to work with one vendor. This eliminates the need to constantly search for and onboard new freelancers or vendors.


Additionally, since Workspace Global is designed to support businesses long term, we are better suited to understand and anticipate your creative needs, which can further reduce the time and effort required to grow your brand.

Win back the time you spend on self-service design tools.

Gain 25-40% more productivity by focusing on what you do best. Leave design to us.

Outsourcing creative work to professional teams like Workspace Global is the smarter choice for busy bootstrappers as it allows you to focus on your core competencies and responsibilities.


Instead of spending hours trying to design yourself, delegate your creative work to our experts. All this in a rhythm and budget that works for you.

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Remote Working

A full creative team without the overhead risks.

Expand or contract your business as needed with our remote teams.

Using Workspace Global primes your business to avoid the impact of recessions or economic challenges by not having to maintain an in-house creative team.


This means that the business can reduce costs and be more flexible in response to changes in the economy, such as reducing the number of projects or temporarily pausing services without having to lay off employees.


We are on a mission to create millions of work opportunities for Africa's creative talent.

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