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We completely transformed how businesses get brand marketing done. 

Top Freelancers

Agile Businesses

What is Workspace Global, really?

Workspace Global is a global creative services company that supports small and large businesses with unlimited creative support to build branding and marketing material.


500+ brands use Workspace globally


Registered in

Ghana & UK


100+ top-tier creatives in our talent pool


Over 3,500 projects delivered


Forbes 30 Under 30 noteworthy ventures 


100% black-owned


"Perfect. Y'all are always giving your best. The patience and desire to understand my goals and deliver. I love the solution so much!"

- Ana Arkutu, Real Estate Entrepreneur 


8 years in the game!

Founded by Sydney Scott Sam, Workspace Global worked as a 360 creative agency in Ghana, West Africa since 2015 focusing on supporting small, medium and large businesses. 

Our model transformed during COVID-19, after keenly listening to our customers' evolving pain points and ways of working. It was evident that the traditional agency model was outdated

Businesses in the new world needed an agile, affordable, expandable tech-charged solution to access remote creative support for their projects. From this need, the new was born! 


Where do the freelancers come in?

Workspace Global recruits the top 5% of African freelancers from 10+ countries into our vetted talent community.


Our freelancers opt-in to be engaged on a project basis and earn points for briefs satisfactorily delivered. Points are redeemed for cash on a fortnightly or monthly basis.

Our model enables Workspace to expand and contract based on our customers' needs. Special measures are taken to ensure we never run out of capacity and always deliver stellar work on time.

What you get with Workspace 

Support goes far beyond designs. Becoming a customer with us gets your business so much more for holistic growth.


Your very own

project manager


Flexible Payments


Upfront delivery



2+ Free

Revision Rounds


Free brand

growth plan


Quality Control

on us



Project Bandwidth


Free learning resources

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What's NEW in 2023?

What's NEW in 2023?

Our product development team is committed to building new features to save you more time and money with our solution.


ONE simplified page for requests and payments


Track project progress

yourself in real-time


Create project briefs easily via Typeform


Flat transparent pricing


In-person support teams in Ghana, Kenya & Rwanda

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Why smart business leaders
switch to Workspace

Cheaper than agencies

Get agency quality work at freelance rates.

Workspace Global offers a more flexible and cost-effective solution for businesses in need of creative services. Instead of requiring a retainer, they offer a pay-as-you-go model that allows clients to only pay for the services they need.


This can lead to significant cost savings for businesses, especially those that do not have a consistent need for creative work.

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No need to toggle
between vendors.

A convenient one-stop shop.

By working with Workspace Global, businesses can save time and streamline their creative process by only having to work with one vendor. This eliminates the need to constantly search for and onboard new freelancers or vendors.


Additionally, since Workspace Global is designed to support businesses long term, they are better able to understand and anticipate a business's creative needs, which can further reduce the time and effort required to complete projects.

DIY design steals your productive time. Focus on what you do best.

25-40% more productivity is gained by outsourcing.

Outsourcing creative work to professional teams like Workspace Global can be a smart choice for business professionals as it allows you to focus on their core competencies and responsibilities.


Instead of spending hours trying to design yourself, you can delegate the creative work to experts who have the skills and experience to produce high-quality work efficiently. This can ultimately save time and resources for the business and lead to better results.


Be recession-proof. 
Save on in-house creative teams.

Expand or contract risk-free as needed with our remote teams.

Using Workspace Global allows businesses to avoid the impact of recessions or economic challenges by not having to maintain an in-house creative team.


This means that the business can reduce costs and be more flexible in response to changes in the economy, such as reducing the number of projects or temporarily pausing services without having to lay off employees.


Workspace Global is on a mission to create millions of flexible remote work opportunities for African youth by 2030

Every project you build with Workspace allows us to train and engage new talent in Africa to get more access to work.

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