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Unleash your brand.

 Masterclass • Brand Clinic • 16 March 2024 • Buro, Osu 🇬🇭 

5X your growth in 2024 with Brand Accelerator by Workspace Global

In today's AI-powered business world, branding is more important than ever. Your well-curated human-centered brand differentiates your business from numerous global competitors and builds trust with customers, ultimately driving growth.

Workspace Global, over 9 years, has gathered data and monitored trends to help startups and scale-ups like yours win. On March 16th, we share our lessons at no charge with you because we believe you're a catalyst to real change in Africa.


Workspace Global is building the world's simplest design service to help startups build strong brands. 

Meet your instructors

With a combined 20 years of brand-building experience, our team of seasoned experts will be working with you for a packed session of immense value for your business. This team is trusted by brands like the World Bank, UN, Johnnie Walker, Ghana Stock Exchange, C40 Cities, and other global heavy-hitters.

In this session, we will cover

Masterclass : Building a purpose-driven brand

Go back to first principles to understand exactly what makes brands build communities that fall in love with your mission.

Brand Clinic : Where is your brand today?

Our team will get our hands dirty to work with, unearth, and consult with you about where you stand with your brand. This support is valued at $1000 - all for free.

Workshop : Build a brand that wins customers

Business is about making money. Let's help you understand exactly how to do that by building emotion, perception and trust.

Meet the Future of Brand Support

Be the first to trial Workspace's next-gen product for brand support with free work credits to kick-off the next phase of your brand's journey.

Masterclass : Introduction to Data-driven Marketing

It's a new world of marketing out there. Stay up-to-date with marketing trends and systems that drive the world's most powerful brands today.

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This event is powered by AfroPark
and hosted at Buro

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Invest in your brand for growth.

This event is exclusive to seed and growth-stage startups. Registration is required to attend. No fees required.

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