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Careers at Workspace Global

Join our mission to help business teams scale, and to connect African creatives to work.

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We're a lean audacious team of highly efficient individuals who love to see the world become a better place while helping each other become better.

We are hiring

Hear from the team

"Working at Workspace is just as thrilling as it is challenging. We're constantly evolving. It's fast-paced and requires you to learn, build, and expand in more ways than you can imagine." 

Kevin Collison
3 years at Workspace

"Honestly, this team delivers a careful balance between autonomy and accountability. They push hard to help you win, with high expectations but with lots of room to make mistakes - it's a mindset I really admire."

Hetty Malm
5 years at Workspace

"I never thought I would be this engaged working from home."

Lord Klukpui
2.5 years at Workspace

We can't wait to have you on the team.

Learn. Grow. Shine. Make Impact.

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