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Everything your brand needs in one place.

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Brand Identity

Branding is everything. This is a principle we live by.


Using well-thought-through visual tools, messaging tone, and collaborative client orientation, Workspace makes brand creation a breeze. We love creating logos, naming, and all the works involved in creating an enriching brand persona. 


We believe "aesthetic" drives decision-making. Workspace has cemented its place in delivering some of the world's most powerful graphic designs.


Whether for corporate collateral, digital use, or for print, we’ve cracked the code for creating the customer-centric, modern, visual design. The resulting design is clean and simple and most importantly functional. 

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We build easy-to-use, fluid sites & online platforms that convert page visitors into real, repeat customers. As champions of the digital dogma, we care deeply about advancing our clients through tech: helping them digitize as many of their business processes as we can get our hands-on.  


Our team of writers is always on hand. We create illustrative and purposeful written content for business and creative purposes. Whether you need help for a blog post, newsletter, TV script, PR piece, business proposal, or website, Workspace is here to cater to all that.

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Social Media Content

With over 3 billion people on social media, investing in digital marketing has become imperative. Our tailored content campaigns are designed to engage and attract. Increase your visibility and create a good footprint online.

Photo & Video

Currently only available in Ghana.  Expanding in 2022 across Africa

Workspace has mastered the art of telling human & business stories using high-quality visuals through photography and videography. By thoroughly analysing your message and consumers, we select the most effective medium and visual content to capture your viewer's attention. 

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Currently only available in Ghana.  Expanding in 2022 across Africa

We will print on anything - we mean it - paper, packaging, corporate stationery, walls, vehicles, anything both large and small. Physical branding is an essential part of the brand experience, and so we print heartily with the tact & quality to match our excellent brand work.

Get started today.

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