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What would you like to know?

  • What exactly does Workspace Global do?
    Workspace Global connects businesses like yours with a talented pool of hundreds of pre-vetted designers and developers from Africa. We break down barriers to exceptional design by offering: On-demand support: Access the perfect designer for your project, whether it's a logo, website, branding, app, or more. Cost-effective solutions: Pay per project or subscribe to monthly plans that fit your budget and workload. Streamlined workflow: Our AI-powered platform simplifies communication, project management, and quality control. Exceptional results: Leverage diverse skills and fresh perspectives to bring your creative vision to life. With Workspace Global, you get high-quality design without the hassle of agencies or the uncertainty of freelancers. It's time to unlock your creative potential and achieve your design goals, all at an affordable price.
  • How do revisions work?
    Workspace grants unlimited revisions. This means you are allowed to request as many changes as you want to a project when you subscription is active. You are encouraged to consolidate all your feedback (and that of your team or other stakeholders) into ONE update. Please note that your access to revisions are only valid within period your subscription is active. Speak to your advisor/project manager for more information if needed.
  • How is this better than hiring a traditional agency?
    Workspace Global: More affordable: Access pre-vetted talent at potentially lower costs compared to agency markups. Faster, on-demand: Get projects done quickly & flexibly without lengthy agency processes. Streamlined: Manage everything on our platform: communication, revision, project tracking. Diverse talent pool: Tap into fresh perspectives beyond local markets. Traditional Agencies: Higher costs: Pay premium agency fees to get the support you need. Slower turnaround: Projects can take longer due to internal agency processes. Less control: Limited communication & revision cycles compared to dedicated teams. Homogenized talent: Restricted to agency's hired designers.
  • Does Workspace work with large organisations?
    Yes, we do! Workspace Global offers a virtual creative agency solution for organisations. This is known as our "Premier Service" Organisations can work with our experts from wherever they are in the world. Similar to traditional agencies, our Premier Service offers integrated strategic consultations, client success management (concierge), priority delivery and increased flexibility on work revisions. Premier Services attract additional fees associated with the enhanced hands-on experience. Anyone can sign onto our Premier Service by using our "Send Mail" function. Simply request to sign up as a "Premier Client" and a client success manager will immediately be assigned to your account. You will, however, not be able to toggle between using the Marketplace platform and the Premier Service during a project.
  • Who do I speak to if I have a problem?
    Before your project starts Our front desk is almost always open in the live chat section at the bottom right of your website screen. Our teams will support you through our live chat section in real time during GMT & EAT Working hours. You may also schedule a 15-min virtual meeting here. You can also email our Front Desk via or After you have started a project You will be added to our project management platform where you can interact with your advisor/project manager and creative teams at any time during your project. On this platform, you can track project progress in real time from your phone or PC. For large organisations on our Premier Service, you will be assigned a special success manager who you can call directly on phone, email or request to visit your office.
  • Do I own the intellectual property and rights of the work you create for me?
    Upon receipt of payment, Workspace Global signs over ownership of the rights to use creative work selected and approved by the client. Workspace Global, however, reserves the right to re-use creative work rejected or not approved by the client.
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