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Why I Started Meremeta Africa Beauty

Meremeta Africa Beauty emerged when I realized that beauty and fashion entrepreneurs in Nairobi need a way to successfully launch and relaunch their brands online because they often lack the expertise to do so.

If you don’t get the right people to help you early on, you’ll waste time, money, and effort. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’ll feel less and less in control of the direction of the business.

Let’s not forget the disappointments! Most times there’s no one to guide, support, and empathize with beauty and fashion entrepreneurs when they need it the most (just a little reminder that you’re not the only one who’s been ghosted or scammed). I go into detail about the challenges I faced when I launched my first product here. Trust me, I can relate!

Meremeta Africa Beauty is the first pan-African consulting brand of its kind that aims to support, encourage and showcase diversity and potential in the beauty and fashion industry. We do this by learning and articulating the visions that early-stage brand owners have in mind and carefully crafting solutions suited for their businesses.

We begin with a thorough due diligence process to

(i) identify the root cause of challenges your brand is facing

(ii) map out the journey it will take to create the mind of brand presence and strategies that will help you win in business.

Meremeta Africa Beauty is for any beauty or fashion entrepreneur that has a special attachment to the African continent whether black, white, or brown— it doesn’t matter!

Let me introduce you to ‘My First Product

The idea came to me in 2020 to start my brand of skincare products when I noticed people around me complaining about their hands drying out. Washing and sanitizing hands due to the pandemic presented the perfect opportunity for me to launch a hand cream range. However, I didn’t know what to do — so I got stuck!

Unfortunately, I didn’t launch the brand well and so I wasn’t able to reach my intended target market.

I spent many weeks searching for guidance and support tailored specifically to the beauty industry but no one was offering that. I started learning the ropes and decided to stop production to focus on building the consulting service since I developed a greater interest in this area.

Being a brand owner myself, I understood what other beauty and fashion entrepreneurs must be going through every day and the difficulty of feeling confident enough to put their brands out there and create a brand that looks great.

With this in mind, I was determined to create a quality consulting service that is fully suited to high-end beauty and fashion entrepreneurs in Nairobi. The goal is to win in Nairobi and eventually become a global one-stop-shop for insights on best practices in the beauty and fashion industry. More African beauty and fashion brands becoming globally recognized, and more confidence in home-grown African brands are things I’m passionate about.

I shared the idea with one of my business mentors who acted as a sounding board when coming up with consulting packages and brand readiness assessments, and the journey began! Through my research, I discovered that the main struggle for high-end beauty and fashion entrepreneurs wasn’t so much lacking the expertise, but doing everything by themselves.

Understanding this burden, I started building partnerships and adding to the team. This was so that we could handle different parts of our clients’ businesses to allow them to focus on the aspects of their businesses they enjoy the most.

In November 2021, I launched Meremeta Africa Beauty at a show & sell event upon completion of a 6-week accelerator program called the Young Entrepreneur’s Program sponsored by The Room. Our mantra ‘Meremeta nasi. Glow with us’ represents the fact that we’re passionate about more African beauty and fashion brands gaining global recognition as we put Africa on the map with the work we’re doing.

Today, through Meremeta Africa Beauty’s consulting packages, I am proud to say that high-end beauty and fashion entrepreneurs in Nairobi have a consulting company they can turn to because we understand their struggles like no other! And let’s not even get started on the openness to learn and articulate the visions brand owners have in mind and care taken in crafting solutions for every brand.


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