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Business Spotlight: Basecamp Initiative (Working Smart)

Productivity is defined in so many ways. Most people measure and define it by how much work they get done. For the sake of simplicity, let's define it as effective movement. It's like running in the right direction for the longest distance or making the greatest progress towards your goal in the shortest amount of time. It's crucial to master how to be productive and there are so many tips out there for grabs. Here's a few of the ones that you could start implementing today to change your life.


Learning how to manage your energy is critical to being productive and the best way to leverage your energy is by performing sprints. These are 30 minute work sessions that require intense focus and active participation in an activity whilst pushing yourself beyond your current limits. Experiment with the number of sprints you do a day and how long you do them for till you find a mix that works for you. This only works if you're consistent and disciplined. It's great to be motivated but if we all waited for motivation first, we'd never get anything done. Discipline, not motivation leads to consistent results. Use these sprint sessions to focus on the most demanding tasks. This is a very intentional use of your energy that will give you results.

2. THE 90/90/1 RULE

This is an amazing method that harnesses the trinity of your assets which are focus, energy and will power. Try this and for the next 90 days. Start by spending the first 90mins of your work day on the single most important project or opportunity. For most people, the first 90 minutes of the work day is the time when you have the most focus, energy and will power. Leverage your most productive hours and maximise on your productivity. You can read some more on this method here:


The mirror neuron system of the brain makes us mirror the behaviour of the dominant people around us. Subconsciously, we model the behaviour of the people we spend most of our time with. If you're around mediocre people you'll mirror that. Therefore, surround yourself with a social orbit of Alphas. Be around people who are inspired, who want to do great work, who want to be ultra productive, innovative, relentlessly optimizing their work, their thoughts and their creativity. Being around them will allow you to adopt their energy and their way of life.

Be intentional about everything. If you're mindless about how you spend your energy, you'll end each day with nothing, just exhausted with nothing to show for it.

Working smart doesn’t mean working less, it means working hard on what truly matters.

Which of these will you be working on to be more productive? Let us know which of these resonates with you.


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