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3 successful African Entrepreneur stories to highlight in 2021

There are a plethora of entrepreneur success stories that are posted on the internet every single day. Most of these being success stories of extremely popular entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, and many others. They have lots of advice and insights to share that readers can implement into their business journeys.

At Workspace Global, we like to focus on young, up-and-coming entrepreneurs. The business leaders of the future that are setting the pace and those that are already successful and deserve to have the spotlight on them. Today we are looking at three exceptional African entrepreneurs and the strategies they used to build their businesses.

Kimberley Mensah-Aborampah: True Fond

Kimberley Mensah-Aborampa is the founder of True Fond Ghana, a global e-commerce Ankara fashion house. She took her home-grown skills, perfected them, and built the recognized brand which now sells in over 15 countries worldwide. From the beginning, Kimberly understood the importance of social media and its potential to reach a global audience.

To distinguish herself from other Ankara fashion designers, Kimberly used Instagram models and professional photography to give her audience the look and feel of her products.

Kimberly also changed the target market of True Fond, from an African-focused target market to the Afrocentric global community. By creating an e-commerce website, True Fond can accept and process orders from all over the world.

Mr. Anthony Dzamefe: Caveman Watches and Time Piece GH

Mr. Anthony Dzamefe, Founder and CEO of both Caveman Watches and Timepiece Ghana might have to buy a bigger trophy case soon, as the awards and recognition keep piling up for him.

After quitting his low-paying job and venturing into the unknown to start his own business, he hawked watches on the streets and car parks. Suffering ridicule from peers, he did not give up but pushed his dreams. Now, Caveman Watches produces global standard bespoke wristwatches right here in Ghana.

To set the standard and position itself as a luxury brand, Caveman watches partnered with African celebrities and businessmen such as Don Jazzy, John Dumelo, and Akon. In addition, the Caveman watches have been seen on notable personalities such as General Secretary John Boadu and Deputy Minister of Health, Dr. Bernard Okoe Boye among many others.

Influencer marketing works because of the trust that social influencers have built up with their following. This means that recommendations from them serve as a form of social proof to your brand’s potential customers. Influencer marketing might be expensive but its effectiveness cannot be ignored. The success of Caveman Watches can be attributed directly to the strategy used to reach its target audience; Influencer Marketing.

Sunita Kragbe: Basecamp Initiative.

For the longest time, Sunita has wanted to connect under one roof, young people from different walks of life. The plan was to innovate change on every landscape by developing creative thinking communities. With her love for spaces, interiors, and the creative arts, Sunita’s goal has been to create a unique ecosystem of resources to help birth significant and cool projects that will impact African society in tremendous ways. Hence the birth of the BaseCamp Initiative, West Africa's one, and only Green Creative hub.

Creating ‘The Tribe’, the Basecamp initiative has a community of creatives from all over the world. By establishing real connections and relationships with its community, Basecamp Initiative has the most dedicated and loyal customers that keep referring the creative space to their colleagues. Basecamp Initiative is now a doubly awarded Initiative. Sunita Kragbe was awarded the ‘Most Respected CEO Award’ for the Ghana Business Incubator category 2020.

These leaders are at different stages of their journey and have a wide range of backgrounds and diverse industries. They are all destined for success, or rather, even greater success than they currently enjoy. It is also vital to note that each business succeeds due to its unique choice of branding strategy. Every business needs a unique branding strategy that will appeal to and attract its target market.

Start your journey by booking a free brand discovery session with us and let’s craft a world-class brand for your business together.


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