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3 obvious ways to win with branding

In our previous blog post, we talked about three successful African entrepreneurs and the marketing strategies they used to create successful businesses. The question now is whether or not these same tactics would have worked five to ten years ago in an entirely different context. Here are the key reasons for the success of some African brands;

1.Target audience knowledge.

Considering that branding success is dependent on the existence of customers and fans, one of the primary aims of a company should be to identify and understand its target audience.

To be precise, great brands understand who their potential customers are, how they think, what they need, and very importantly, where they spend their time.

To market your products and services well, your brand strategy should be strictly tailored for your target audience. With social media insights, companies now have access to the type of content their audience responds to and what type of marketing strategies are best suited to deliver maximum results.

2.Rising interesting creative marketing.

Out-of-the-box marketing or creative marketing is a rare quality nowadays. As an entrepreneur, there is a need now to assess different angles. Angles of promotion and angles of branding. However, to build a great brand, you must capture a lot of attention and create content that resonates with your audience.

You adopt out-of-the-box marketing strategies that no one has ever used before, you make your product extremely unique and still manage to keep it simple. Guerilla Marketing strategies are a form of creative marketing. Here is a video below for some inspiration:

3. Change in customer preference.

Customers connect to companies on a deeper level now. Customers buy into the vision of a business not just its products. This development has enabled companies to come up with exceptional brand slogans or taglines. Brand slogans, or taglines, are the first elements and words that pop into most people’s minds. Here are a few examples of the most popular taglines in history:

Nike -“Just Do It”

Apple - “Think Different”

Basecamp Initiative - Changing the Status Quo

Workspace Global - Build Your Ambition

These are great taglines that can be used throughout time to improve your brand’s awareness, generate word-of-mouth marketing, and bring huge developments in the brand’s performance. It also sells the vision of your company and inspires your audience or customers to do more and connect deeper with your company.

No matter what type of company you have, it won’t be successful unless you have a brand that people know and trust. Creating a strong brand won’t happen overnight, but the more time and energy you put into it, the more successful your company will be and the more customers you can ultimately reach.


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