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Why we walked away from the agency-life...

This morning, I found myself reminiscing over these photos of the Workspace teams over the years. There is so much behind these smiles you see here. Wins, Losses, new kids, broken relationships, and hours and hours of sweat to build this dream Workspace Global

We've always believed that we were better. That we'd do better to deliver on our promise to support #Africa's entrepreneurs across the world. Running solely as an #agency was thrilling but the truth is... it was limiting. We could only work with a few clients at a time and only with those who could afford our "competitive" fees. No doubt, we love working with large organizations ... but the point has always been for them to fund our operations enough to serve the little guy - the small business starting out in a home kitchen in #Accra or in a co-working space in #Lagos or on Instagram in #nairobi.

It's always been about entrepreneurs and we realized together that if we didn't arrest our journey and steer a course towards our true mission, we would have lost our way: and many times we did.

Sometimes, we had conflicts of whether to focus on solely larger contracts to survive; on whether to align politically to gain favor to get more gigs; and whether to shut down entirely when we had a bad year.

I'm so thankful that we've had such an intense journey generous with lessons, late nights, pizza, and "had we knowns". The lessons have brought us to this point: our new chapter: a better way to serve our mission to grow and support 1 million #entrepreneurs with #branding.

🏆 Today, we're proud to share with you the Workspace Global platform's MVP with #BlackFriday offers (up to 50% off) on 11 essential #design services for orders made on our website.

Our new platform gives any entrepreneur access to order our world-class branding services right from your smart device. Ordering takes minutes and delivery is in a few days; all at a price point accessible to early-stage businesses.

Though our platform is far from perfect, it's the first step to the global future of branding and a worthy win for everyone who has contributed to Workspace Global's journey. Do visit our website and share feedback!


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