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A long loving email of reflections

2020 changed everything for the new decade. 2021 has since been a testing ground for brands to redefine their place in the new world. From remote work to the popularity of cryptocurrency, NFTs, and the mystery of the Metaverse, Africa's brands are going to have to adapt much faster than we thought in 2022.


We'd first want to celebrate our biggest achievements this year i.e. your wins. Your thriving brands are making an unquestionable impact in Africa. Our team cheers you on: "we brand so YOU can win."

Our Brands Winning

  • BakedGh, in its 8th year, launched its new location in East Legon with a massive response from the local and diaspora market for Tracy's amazing cakes, cocktails, and cookies.

  • Float Wellness Spa, Ghana's flagship mummy wellness spa, out-doored their glamorous facility in Airport. If you are looking to treat your family or team this holiday season, we highly recommend Dzidzor's Float Wellness Spa for a relaxing session.

  • ECOM West Africa was awarded the Licensed Cocoa Buying Company of the Year 2021(Sustainable Cocoa). Kiteko Ghana Limited, a subsidiary led by our favourite Anne-Rita, also won the Haulage Company of the year 2021 at the just-ended 3rd Ghana Cocoa Awards.

  • Goldmaxx Security has been earmarked as Best Event Security Company at the GEIC Awards.

  • With our help, C40 launched its Climate Action Plan in Lagos and Dakar. We also collaborated to launch the C40 Mass Transit Report in Paris.

We supported 40+ entrepreneurs and organizations to grow their brands in 2021. To each of you, we say kudos to being a force of nature.

The new Workspace platform This year has also been our year of evolution. We took the leap, pivoted, and launched the new Workspace - Africa's branding platform for entrepreneurs. This was born from lessons and feedback from serving you over the last 6 years. Our platform accelerates our mission to help 1 million Africa-based businesses to build a strong brand. By applying tech innovation, automation, and deep systems-thinking to the complex immensely-subjective process of branding, we have built a simple experience that truly puts you in the driver's seat. With easy briefs, shorter wait times, and lower fees, our platform empowers businesses at any stage to buy affordable world-class branding services with a click of a button.

Mission 2022: Empowering 1000 Ambitious Africans With your support, Workspace is audaciously tackling one of Africa's biggest problems: "Youth unemployment". Fox and Ghandi (2021) estimate Africa needs to create 10 million jobs every year to cater to its growing labor force by 2035. Workspace aims to contribute significantly to that number by 2030. Our platform connects Africa's creative talent to remote work opportunities by delivering on brand requests from our customers. We consistently crowd-source African talent to deliver branding work at scale. Our vision to empower 1M businesses, in turn, creates millions of work opportunities directly on our platform. In 2022, we're starting small. Our goal is to support 400 new entrepreneurs with essential brand collateral including logos, brand identity assets, and online visibility. Through this, we aim to engage 600 remote workers next year: closing our cycle of opportunity for a total of 1000 Africans. We cannot do this alone. If you know anyone who can become of our 400 businesses looking for branding support, get them started by referring them to our platform Every dollar spent on our platform directly contributes to our mission to create jobs. Pre-seed raise & partnerships We seek angels, funds, and VCs who resonate with our mission. We're raising capital to accelerate our work to support our next 1000 Africans. We're an open book. Do reach out ( if you may want to explore an investment or partnership opportunity. Kudos to the team Finally, I personally wish to send my deepest appreciation to our amazing and supportive team. Thank you for using your remarkable talent and skills to fuel this mission. This year, we beat the odds: COVID-19, cashflow dips, and too many sleepless nights to ensure that our clients were always well taken care of. You lot are superhuman and it's an honour to work with each of you. That being said, our Front Desk will be closed from 24th December to 4th January to take a much-needed break. Happy Holidays Well, that's that. Workspace sends you good energy, joy, and love this Christmas season. Thank you for being such an important part of what we do. We're always here to help you build your ambition. Let’s crush our goals together in 2022. Sydney Scott Sam, Founder, Workspace Global


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