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Creative teams for startups. 
On subscription. 


Ditch the agency and freelancer headaches. 

Access top design teams instantly from $199/mo. Cancel anytime.

Online Meeting

We revise till you're happy.

Collaborate easily on our platform.

Your designs will be ready in three days.

Kevin from Workspace Global

Trusted by 300+ teams globally

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Build everything you
need to grow your brand.

A dedicated team. One point of contact. One seamless workflow.


Build apps & websites

Create your product with us from idea to launch. We make websites, e-commerce, POC, prototypes, and MVPs.


Designs for your brand

We build your brand from the ground up - from logos and decks to all marketing material.


Market your brand online

Promote your brand through short videos, social media, email, and blogs with us.

For busy founders.
At any stage.

Young Designer

For solopreneurs & small businesses seeking to look more professional.


For startups stressed with freelancers and agency budgets.

Local Coffee Shop
Creative Working

For startup incubators & hubs looking to support their portfolio with creative.

Make endless requests. Revise until happy.

With your subscription

Request endless tasks

Access editable files

Dedicated project manager


Simple tasks ≈ 3 Days

Advanced tasks ≈ 1 week

Revisions ≈ 1-2 days




Your team works on

ONE task at a time.


One design or writing task weekly

Included services:

Logos & brand assets

Brochures & pitch deck designs

Ghostwriting & SM post designs

Ads & marketing material​s



Your team can work on

TWO tasks at a time.


Endless design & writing tasks

Build one website page monthly

One social media task weekly

One email marketing task weekly

One short video edit weekly

Domain + hosting billed separately




Your team can work on

THREE tasks at a time.


Endless design & writing tasks

Build two website pages monthly

Social & email marketing tasks

Endless short video edits

One app design task monthly

Domain + hosting billed separately

Our thriving brand stories

Muhammadu-Muzzammil-1130x650 (1)_edited.

5 years with

Muhammadu Muzzammil, ECOM Agro 🇦🇪


They propelled my journey with Avi2i forward."

Nzinga Orgill, Avi2i 🇬🇧


Workspace was great to work with and very responsive I recommend them to many in the US."

Jane Behrend, Emerging Destinatons 🇺🇸

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  • What services does Workspace offer?
    Workspace Global connects you to remote creative teams that offer a variety of design, digital and development services to help you build and grow your brand. This includes: Design: Logos and brand identity, decks, marketing materials, infographics, packaging design and generally all forms of graphic design. We design with Adobe, Canva and Figma. Development: Building web or mobile apps (POCs, prototypes, MVPs) and all forms of websites (landing pages, e-commerce, payment integrations) Online Marketing: Social media management, email marketing, blog marketing, newsletters, short video edits for reels etc. Writing: Get writeups for captions, documents and the like. You can also access business coaches to help you with brand or revenue growth via Workspace Global.
  • What makes up a task?
    A task is a clearly defined piece of work that our team will complete for you. This could involve design, writing, social media, email marketing, video editing, website development, or app development (depending on your chosen plan). The size and complexity of the task will determine how long it takes to complete. Here's a breakdown of what a task typically entails under each plan: Basic Plan: This plan focuses on one task at a time and is ideal for smaller projects. One design task per week: This could involve creating a logo, a few social media graphics, flyer design, presentation slides, or basic website banner. One writing task per week: This could involve writing a blog post, email marketing copy, or short website content piece. Standard Plan: Design & writing tasks: This could involve creating social media graphics, presentations, blog posts, website copy, or email marketing copy. One social media post per week: This could include scheduling the post, creating visuals, and writing engaging content. One email marketing campaign per week: This could involve designing the email template, writing the content, and scheduling the campaign. One short video editing task per week: This could involve basic edits like trimming footage, adding text overlays, or background music. Pro Plan: Similar to Standard plan, but with additional capabilities: Website tasks: This could involve creating a landing page, UI designs in Figma, a product page, or updating website content. Estimate that your creative team can build a 4-page website in 2 - 4 weeks. One app development task per month: This could involve bug fixes, small feature updates, POCs, full figma prototypes, or UI/UX improvements (depending on complexity). Estimate that your creative team can build a simple mobile app within 3 - 6 months. Social media & email marketing tasks: You can have multiple social media posts and email campaigns per week within this plan. Short video editing tasks: Similar to the Standard plan.
  • How does the subscription model work?
    Workspace offers tiered subscriptions with varying project capacities and features. Here's a basic overview: You choose a plan (Basic, Standard, or Pro) based on your needs. Each plan allows you to request a certain number of projects at a time (1, 2, or 3). During your subscription, you can request as many tasks as you want one after the other. You can submit requests for design, development, or marketing tasks. Revisions are unlimited on all plans. There are estimated turnaround times based on project complexity (simple tasks in 3 days, others within a week). For a more detailed breakdown of subscription features and pricing, you can visit the "Pricing" section of the website.
  • What are your typical turnaround times for projects?
    Workspace offers standard turnaround times depending on project complexity: Simple tasks: Delivered in approximately 3 days (e.g., basic graphic design requests). Standard tasks: Delivered within a week (e.g., Document design requests, Weekly content for social media/email marketing, Website UI requests and content updates). Advanced tasks: May take longer than a week depending on scope (e.g., complex website development, app prototypes).
  • How is this better than freelancers or agencies?
    Workspace offers several benefits compared to traditional agencies or freelancers: Convenience: Access a dedicated team instantly with a subscription, no need to interview or manage multiple freelancers. Cost-effective: Predictable monthly subscription fees eliminate hourly rates or surprise agency costs. Scalability: Easily adjust your project volume by upgrading or downgrading your plan. Streamlined Workflow: Collaborate easily with your team on our platform and have a single point of contact (project manager). Revisions: Get unlimited revisions on your projects until you're happy.
  • How do I collaborate with my creative team?
    Before your project starts Our front desk is almost always open in the live chat section at the bottom right of your website screen. Our teams will support you through our live chat section in real time during GMT & EAT Working hours. You may also schedule a 15-min virtual meeting here. You can also email our Front Desk via or After you have started a project Workspace provides a user-friendly online platform for easy collaboration. You can use the platform to: Submit project requests Share files and feedback with your team Track project progress Communicate directly with your project manager This platform ensures a smooth workflow and keeps everyone on the same page throughout the project.
  • Can I access and edit the final design files?
    Intellectual Property Upon receipt of payment, Workspace Global signs over ownership of the rights to use design and writing work selected and approved by the client. Workspace Global, however, reserves the right to re-use creative work rejected or not approved by the client. Editable files Workspace provides access to editable design files upon project completion. This allows you to make minor tweaks yourself or share them with a designer/developer for further implementation.
  • Do I need to subscribe if I need a one-time creative task?
    No subscription is required for a one-time creative task! We understand that not every project requires an ongoing service. If you have a single, well-defined creative project in mind, you can get a quick and easy quote directly on our website through this link: Here's a breakdown of the options: Subscription: Ideal for ongoing creative needs and flexibility. Offers unlimited revisions and access to a dedicated project manager. One-Time Project: Perfect for a single, well-defined task. Get a quote and pay upfront. Includes 2 free revisions and limited access to the platform. While subscriptions offer more value for ongoing needs, the one-time project option allows you to test our services before committing. Just remember, subscriptions come with benefits like unlimited revisions and dedicated project management support.
  • Does Workspace work with enterprise organisations?
    Yes, we do! Workspace Global offers a virtual creative agency solution for organisations. This is known as our "Premier Service" Organisations can work with our experts from wherever they are in the world. Similar to traditional agencies, our Premier Service offers integrated strategic consultations, client success management (concierge), priority delivery and increased flexibility on work revisions. Premier Services attract additional fees associated with the enhanced hands-on experience. Anyone can sign onto our Premier Service by using our "Send Mail" function. Simply request to sign up as a "Premier Client" and a client success manager will immediately be assigned to your account. You will, however, not be able to toggle between using the Marketplace platform and the Premier Service during a project.

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