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Grow your brand and get design faster. 


Ditch agency friction. Skip freelancer chaos. Get top-tier creative support instantly and flat-rate projects delivered in days.

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Launching in 2024! Monthly subscriptions for even more flexibility and support.

Build. Launch. Scale. 
All in One Place.

Your instant design dream team - powered by tech and AI.

Access vetted designers, developers, and project managers

built into one seamless platform experience.  No more agency fees, freelancer headaches, or DIY struggles.

Multiracial Colleagues

Super Simple.

Super Fast.

• Launch projects instantly

• AI-powered briefs*

• 4-step workflow.

* Launching in 2024

Mobile App Design



• Vetted talent • Flat rates 

• Fixed timelines • Guaranteed delivery.


Flexible. On the go.

• Pay monthly* or


• Dedicated project manager.

• Project Dashboard.*

* Launching in 2024

Brand Paper


You Need.

• Branding • Websites. • Apps • Marketing material

• Documents and more.

Working in an Office

Fit for purpose.

For any business type.

Launch quickly with professional branding, websites, and marketing assets today.

workspace services for startups, marketing teams, agencies and non-profits

Your work in four 
steps on our platform.


Click and go. Order with ease.

Choose your design package and pay securely online. No complex quotes or proposals. Launch your projects in seconds.


Share your vision conveniently.

Briefly describe your project details and style preferences. Our conversational platform guides you through the process, ensuring clarity.


Track & collaborate on your dashboard.*

Track project progress, communicate directly with your project manager and creative team. Get updates in real-time, all within our user-friendly platform.


Design delivered. Review & Approve.*

Receive your completed design and provide final feedback. We guarantee satisfaction. For the duration of the project, we offer revisions until you're happy.

* Platform in BETA stage. 


For every design your
brand needs.


Design For Web ➔

Landing Pages 
eb & Mobile Apps

UI/UX Prototypes

Design For Web ➔

Cover One.jpg

Design for Business ➔


Logos &
Brand Identity Stationery

Tradeshow Branding


Design For Business


Design for Marketing ➔


Social Media Content 
Video shoots


Design For Marketing ➔

Get design support at predictable prices.



Best for flyer or banner sets,

product labels, social media design sets, corporate stationery & book covers.

Services Included

​• One Project Request 

• 3-day turnaround time

• One project meeting

• Dedicated project manager

• Support valid for 15 w. days



Best for logos, brochures, menus, packaging design, slide templates and infographics.

Services Included

​• One Project Request 

• 5-day turnaround time

• One project meeting

• Dedicated project manager

• Support valid for 20 w. days



Best for slide/pitch decks, business profiles, catalogues, reports and proposals.

Services Included

​• One Project Request 

• 7-day turnaround time

• Two project meetings

• Dedicated project manager

• Support valid for 20 w. days

Web designing

Websites from $799

Get instant design support to build landing pages, websites, e-commerce sites, apps, and more. Opt-in for a free domain, hosting, and SSL certificate. 

We turn around UI design in Figma in 5-8 days and develop sites in the same time frame. 

Trusted by 500+
teams globally

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Case Studies


"You were attentive and patient enough to decipher our exact branding needs as a firm and they delivered an impeccable website."

Victoria Quainoo,

SAAQ Legal, Ghana


"They have been terrific, easy to work with, and respond at lightning speed. Workspace has saved me a lot of time and made my work a lot easier. I have told a lot of people in the States about you."

Jane Behrend

Emerging Destinations (USA)


"It’s been a pleasure working with Workspace. I hope we get to collaborate on many more future projects as our company and yours continue to grow."

Alexis Wachira

Residency Africa (Kenya)

  • What exactly does Workspace Global do?
    Workspace Global connects businesses like yours with a talented pool of hundreds of pre-vetted designers and developers from Africa. We break down barriers to exceptional design by offering: On-demand support: Access the perfect designer for your project, whether it's a logo, website, branding, app, or more. Cost-effective solutions: Pay per project or subscribe to monthly plans that fit your budget and workload. Streamlined workflow: Our AI-powered platform simplifies communication, project management, and quality control. Exceptional results: Leverage diverse skills and fresh perspectives to bring your creative vision to life. With Workspace Global, you get high-quality design without the hassle of agencies or the uncertainty of freelancers. It's time to unlock your creative potential and achieve your design goals, all at an affordable price.
  • How do revisions work?
    Workspace grants every project a minimum of TWO complimentary rounds of revisions. Our solution, however, creates the opportunity for you to request unlimited revisions within a round of revisions. Simply put, a round of revisions refers to ONE list of ALL the revision requests you desire; submitted to us at once in writing or via You are encouraged to consolidate all your feedback (and that of your team or other stakeholders) into ONE update to constitute one round of revisions. Speak to your advisor/project manager for more information if needed.
  • How is Workspace Global better than Design Pickle or Superside?
    Here's a breakdown of how Workspace Global positions itself against Design Pickle and Superside, highlighting its potential advantages: Workspace Global vs. Design Pickle: Affordability: Workspace Global might offer more competitive pricing due to its talent pool in Africa, allowing access to skilled designers at potentially lower costs than Design Pickle's global network. Project-based flexibility: Workspace Global offers both pre-defined project packages and custom quotes, catering to specific needs, while Design Pickle focuses on a subscription model with set design hours. Diverse talent pool: Workspace Global emphasizes its 100+ African designers, offering access to fresh perspectives and diverse design styles potentially not found in Design Pickle's network. Workspace Global vs. Superside: Focus on startups and scale-ups: Workspace Global specifically targets early-stage businesses and growing companies, potentially understanding their needs and challenges better than Superside's broader client base. Streamlined platform: Workspace Global's AI-powered platform simplifies project management and communication, aiming for increased efficiency compared to Superside's potentially more hands-on approach. Cost-effectiveness: Although Superside offers high-end design services, Workspace Global positions itself as a more affordable option for achieving quality design without exorbitant agency fees.
  • How is Workspace Global better than Upwork, Fiverr or 99Designs?
    While Upwork, Fiverr, and 99designs connect businesses with freelance designers, Workspace Global offers several key advantages for startups and scale-ups seeking reliable, high-quality design solutions: Vetted & Managed Talent: Workspace Global: Provides pre-vetted designers with established skills and experience, ensuring quality and consistency. Dedicated project managers oversee communication and deliverables. Freelance Platforms: Require significant time and effort to vet freelancers, assess skills, and manage projects, often leading to inconsistent results. Streamlined Workflow & Collaboration: Workspace Global: Offers an intuitive platform for communication, file sharing, and project tracking, simplifying collaboration and reducing friction. Freelance Platforms: Communication and file sharing rely on external tools and individual preferences, potentially leading to confusion and delays. Cost-Effectiveness & Transparency: Workspace Global: Provides clear pricing for pre-defined packages and custom quotes, avoiding hidden fees and ensuring budget predictability. Freelance Platforms: Hourly rates and project costs can vary widely, requiring careful negotiation and potential for cost overruns. Dedicated Support & Flexibility: Workspace Global: Offers ongoing support throughout the project and unlimited revisions until satisfaction, ensuring your vision is realized. Freelance Platforms: Limited support options and potential freelancer turnover can leave you with unresolved issues or require finding new talent mid-project. Additional Advantages: Cultural Affinity: Workspace Global's talent pool may offer a better understanding of regional or cultural nuances relevant to your project especially in Africa. Scalability: Easily scale your design team up or down as your needs evolve with Workspace Global's flexible offerings.
  • How is this better than using DIY softwares like Canva?
    While DIY design software like Canva offers accessibility and affordability, Workspace Global caters to businesses seeking more comprehensive and tailored design solutions: Expertise & Customization: Workspace Global: Provides access to experienced designers with diverse skillsets who can craft unique, brand-aligned designs to meet your specific goals. DIY Software: Offers limited design templates and functionalities, requiring technical know-how and potentially leading to generic-looking results. Project Management & Collaboration: Workspace Global: Streamlines project management with dedicated teams, progress tracking, and clear communication channels. DIY Software: Requires you to manage the entire design process, potentially neglecting other business priorities. Quality & Consistency: Workspace Global: Ensures professional quality through vetted designers and meticulous revisions. DIY Software: Requires significant design skills and experience for achieving polished results, with no guarantee of consistency. Time Efficiency & Scalability: Workspace Global: Saves you valuable time and resources by outsourcing design tasks to skilled professionals. DIY Software: Can be time-consuming to learn and utilize, especially for complex projects. Scaling design needs might require learning new software or tools. Additional Advantages: Strategic Guidance & Ongoing Support: Experienced designers offer valuable insights and strategic recommendations. Focus on Core Business: Freeing yourself from design tasks allows you to focus on core business activities.
  • How is this better than hiring a traditional agency?
    Workspace Global: More affordable: Access pre-vetted talent at potentially lower costs compared to agency markups. Faster, on-demand: Get projects done quickly & flexibly without lengthy agency processes. Streamlined: Manage everything on our platform: communication, revision, project tracking. Diverse talent pool: Tap into fresh perspectives beyond local markets. Traditional Agencies: Higher costs: Pay premium agency fees to get the support you need. Slower turnaround: Projects can take longer due to internal agency processes. Less control: Limited communication & revision cycles compared to dedicated teams. Homogenized talent: Restricted to agency's hired designers.
  • Does Workspace work with large organisations?
    Yes, we do! Workspace Global offers a virtual creative agency solution for organisations. This is known as our "Premier Service" Organisations can work with our experts from wherever they are in the world. Similar to traditional agencies, our Premier Service offers integrated strategic consultations, client success management (concierge), priority delivery and increased flexibility on work revisions. Premier Services attract additional fees associated with the enhanced hands-on experience. Anyone can sign onto our Premier Service by using our "Send Mail" function. Simply request to sign up as a "Premier Client" and a client success manager will immediately be assigned to your account. You will, however, not be able to toggle between using the Marketplace platform and the Premier Service during a project.
  • Who do I speak to if I have a problem?
    Before your project starts Our front desk is almost always open in the live chat section at the bottom right of your website screen. Our teams will support you through our live chat section in real time during GMT & EAT Working hours. You may also schedule a 15-min virtual meeting here. You can also email our Front Desk via or After you have started a project You will be added to our project management platform where you can interact with your advisor/project manager and creative teams at any time during your project. On this platform, you can track project progress in real time from your phone or PC. For large organisations on our Premier Service, you will be assigned a special success manager who you can call directly on phone, email or request to visit your office.
  • Do I own the intellectual property and rights of the work you create for me?
    Upon receipt of payment, Workspace Global signs over ownership of the rights to use creative work selected and approved by the client. Workspace Global, however, reserves the right to re-use creative work rejected or not approved by the client.

Need help making a decision? 

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